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Every year, Colorado Springs loses out on millions in tax dollars to Denver, Pueblo, and Manitou. It’s time to stand up to keep our tax dollars local – helping solve our biggest community challenges.

Sign the petition to demand a vote on whether Colorado Springs should allow the sale of recreational marijuana. 

Reclaiming what is ours

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Estimated revenue lost over the last 10 years by prohibiting sales inside Colorado Springs.


The use of recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado Springs. What is not allowed is the sale of recreational marijuana. Every day, people in Colorado Springs drive to neighboring cities, purchase their marijuana, and bring it back to Colorado Springs to use. This means every year 10 to 15 million dollars of tax revenue that can improve our quality of life is lost to Denver, Manitou Springs, and Pueblo.


Right now, tax dollars that should be improving our community are fixing roads and bridges in Manitou Springs. Let’s put Colorado Springs first and make sure our tax dollars are working to solve the challenges in Colorado Springs…not Denver, Pueblo, and Manitou Springs.

Putting our community first

Allowing the sale of recreational marijuana will repatriate 10 to 15 million dollars annually to help solve some of Colorado Springs biggest challenges. As a citizen led effort, we demand accountability from our government. To ensure these dollars are spent as promised, the City will be required to install a citizen’s oversight committee that ensures your tax dollars are spent as promised. Your support of this issue means:

Your community, your money, your choice.

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