Let’s Vote for common sense this November

It Took a Decade, But Your Choice Has Returned

It’s a constitutional right in Colorado to possess and consume recreational cannabis. However, when Amendment 64 passed in 2012, it left the choice of whether to allow the sale of recreational cannabis up to the local municipality. In most places in Colorado, elected leaders rightfully put that choice back in the hands of voters. In Colorado Springs, elected officials kept that choice to themselves and away from the voters. Essentially, local politicians believe they know better than the voters who put them in office in the first place. 

Folks in our city who consume recreational cannabis have the right to do so. They drive to neighboring municipalities that allow recreational cannabis sales, then bring it back home to Colorado Springs to legally consume. At the end of the day, Colorado Springs residents are the ones losing out in this equation. Tax dollars that belong to our city to fix our problems are willingly forfeited by city leaders who are stuck in the past. 

Colorado Springs is at a critical juncture. The population of our city is exploding and it’s critical we have the resources to take on the big challenges that come with rapid growth. These much-needed tax dollars will help put an end to our region’s mental health crisis, provide world class PTSD programs for veterans in our community, and improve our public safety. 

It’s common sense: end the prohibition of a product that is constitutionally protected in Colorado. If the citizens in our city are purchasing recreational cannabis and its 100% legal to possess and consume cannabis, let’s make sure those tax dollars stay in Colorado Springs and are not freely forfeited to Manitou, Denver, or Pueblo?

Let’s put Colorado Springs first and ensure what belongs to Colorado Springs stays in Colorado Springs. Vote YES on 300 and 301 to end the senseless prohibition of recreational cannabis sales and bring our tax dollars home.