Enough is Enough

Ten years ago, Colorado voted Amendment 64 into our state constitution. In Colorado Springs, the initiative passed by over 3,000 votes. Despite local voter approval and a new constitutional right to consume and possess recreational cannabis, Colorado Springs elected officials opted against allowing the sale of adult-use recreational cannabis in our city limits or giving voters a chance to weigh in at the ballot box.

Today, we live in a country where 38 states have legalized some form of adult-use cannabis while nearly half of the country has legalized recreational cannabis. Conservative states such as Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida allow for medical cannabis sales. Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Arkansas are preparing for voters to approve adult-use recreational sales this November. Back home in Colorado Springs, our mayor and city council remain stubbornly stuck in the past.

Over the last 10 years, Colorado Springs has lost out on $150 million in tax revenues. Residents of our city must travel to Manitou Springs, Denver, or Pueblo to purchase cannabis that they bring right back home to legally consume in our city. Denver puts cannabis tax dollars to work supporting affordable housing projects and fighting the war against opioids. Pueblo’s cannabis tax revenue has raised millions to provide scholarships for local college students. Meanwhile, Colorado Springs elected officials forfeit the tax dollars generated by recreational cannabis sales to neighboring cities.

We believe enough is enough.

This November, you will have two initiatives on your ballot that will finally put the choice back in the hands of voters. The first will end the prohibition of recreational cannabis sales in Colorado Springs. The second will place a 5% special tax on recreational cannabis that will expand local mental health services, provide PTSD programs for veterans, and improve public safety. Vote YES on both initiatives to end the senseless prohibition of recreational cannabis sales in our community and bring our hard-earned tax dollars back home where they belong.