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Stay up to date with the latest headlines as we work to finally bring recreational marijuana sales to Colorado Springs. Here you’ll find all the latest articles from the press.

A new rec weed petition has rumps shaking, but there’s also plenty of opposition

“We’re actually putting this into the hands of the people of Colorado Springs through the petition process and gathering signatures. This is the first time that approach has been taken — and what we’re finding through our signature collection effort so far, is that people are more than enthusiastic to sign the petition,”…

Signature campaign to put recreational marijuana on Colorado Springs ballot approved

The goal, proponents of the petition say, is to keep sales tax revenue from recreational marijuana local. Right now, Colorado Springs residents who buy recreational marijuana must go to Denver or Manitou Springs, generating revenue for those municipalities instead….

Rec MJ sales ballot measure title approved for COS

On March 18, the city’s Title Board set the title for the Your Choice Colorado Springs campaign’s petition to place the legalization of recreational marijuana on the November 2022 ballot….

Colorado Springs ballot measure is a test case for marijuana popularity

A citizen-led organization filed language this week for a November ballot measure that will ask residents to legalize retail cannabis sales and impose a 5% sales tax with revenue going toward public safety, mental health and veterans programs….

Sale of recreational marijuana in Colorado Springs could be on this year’s ballot

Colorado Springs has lost out on tens of millions of tax dollars annually because the city’s residents buy recreational marijuana in Manitou Springs, Denver and Pueblo, according to a Monday statement from the group that filed the petition. …

Another attempt to legalize recreational marijuana sales is taking shape in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs only allows medical marijuana dispensaries, having banned recreational sales in 2013. Attempts to ask questions about recreational sales on ballots have since failed, but current regulators say they are approaching this from a different angle…